• Five Easy Apartment Decoration Tips

  • Apartment and condo dwellers often feel stuck when it comes to interior design inspiration. Decorating a small space can be challenging, especially if you’re not permitted to paint walls or re-do flooring. Thankfully, knowing a few simple decor tricks can make any apartment pop. Use the following five ideas to guide you on your apartment and condo decoration adventures.

    Create A Wall of Mirrors

    Using mirrors to make a small space look larger is a tried and true decor trick. Try covering a wall in mirrored tiles. Be mindful of the placement of a mirrored wall. Be sure that mirrors are catching a strong light source, such as a window or sliding-glass door.

    Choose Double-Duty Pieces

    Whenever possible, pick furniture and decor pieces that serve more than one purpose. Buy a foot stool with a removable cover that allows you to stash shoes. Always buy side tables that have drawers or shelves. A little extra storage space here and there can make a big difference in the overall appearance of any apartment or condo.

    Look Right Through It

    Allowing the eye to flow naturally over a room is key in creating a sense of spaciousness. Choose furniture made from glass, lucite and other transparent materials to create a sense of visual flow. Such pieces will also add to the overall hipness of any room. If you have small children or are concerned about pieces being knocked over, choose plastics instead of glass.

    Leave No Nook Behind

    Even the smallest of corners or nooks can be used for something. Whether it’s a slim CD tower or arty sculpture, choose something to fill every nook. It’s best to choose simple pieces that can be used for storage and utility when filling nooks. Try to find slim bookcases or interesting corner shelving units.

    Get The Hang of It

    It can be easy to run out of wall space in a small apartment or condo. Choose hanging plants and lights to liven up a space. Hanging lights can bring brightness to a dark corner. So long as they won’t drain all over the carpet, hanging plants will add warmth and liveliness to any room.