• The benefits of a downtown apartment

  • Downtown Calgary has all the amenities a person could ever ask for. From a lively nightlife to professional sporting events, Calgary’s downtown has something for everyone. Downtown Calgary is home to the Calgary Stampede, the Calgary Flames and the Calgary Stampeders. And for those interested in the outdoors, Calgary is home to Princess Island Park, which offers festivals, gourmet cuisine and local wildlife. The following are just a few of the many reasons why you should choose a downtown Calgary apartment.

    1) Accessibility.

    Downtown Calgary has an excellent transit system, with many buses plus the C Train as well. The C Train itself has over 35 stations, of which 11 are in the downtown area – making it very easy to get where you are going. Downtown Calgary also has many grocery stores available, from mom and pop convenience stores to well-known brand names. Downtown Calgary is also thick with shopping, from large malls to eclectic boutiques.

    2) Attractions.

    In downtown Calgary you are in the heart of the action. Calgary’s many events and attractions include the Calgary Stampede which occurs in July every year, the Calgary Flames, our local NHL hockey team, and the Calgary Stampeders, our CFL football superstars.

    If you are a music lover don’t despair, the Saddledome plays host to many famous bands and events throughout the year, ensuring you always have something to do!

    3) Restaurants.

    From good old-fashioned down-home cooking to a romantic evening for you and your mate, you will find many different types of restaurants in downtown Calgary. There are restaurants that specialize in making food with local flavours, such as buffalo burgers or Alberta beef. Of course other ethnic cuisines such as sushi, Chinese, French, and Italian abound as well.

    4) Nightlife.

    Calgary’s downtown also features a lively nightlight. From savvy jazz clubs to rock and roll bars, you can always find somewhere to experience Calgary’s bustling nightlife.

    5) Outdoor activities.

    Yes, Calgary is a thriving city – but a thriving city with a taste for the outdoors. Not only is there an equestrian centre a stone’s throw from downtown, but there is Princess Island Park, a place to experience excellent cultural activities in the heart of the city.

    From outdoor activities to a thriving nightlife downtown Calgary is the perfect place to rent your next Calgary apartment.